A nightgown, a grievous burden by Ego Ideba

 It  was the beginning of another term , and I had just turned fourteen ,about to  resume  my first year in senior secondary.Mother was doing her best to get me ready  for school. 

As was the…

Seasons of perfection by 'Nwanna Okeke'

 It was the blue season 

The day men rode on white horses

And the tide of triumph 

That day we found our voice


It was the fifth season 

The days when mothers wean their children

That age of breaking in 

That day…

Ekaette's matter by Ida Essien

Dang !

Ekaette has offended her ancestors

The dance for Afang has crossed a street called futility 

They led her hands into this mischief 

Against the humanity of our souls

She added more

And they said more 

And more !

And more !


A maze through life by 'Nwanna Okeke'

As life beat me small

I crawled through  ,

the air never moved 

I breathed limited editions of it

And then I walked gingerly 

Careful not  to offend the sand under my feet 

And then  I learned to sprint 

And then I…

A tiger's skin without the tigritude : Ida

Oh but we only need the tiger skin

We do not need the tiger itself 

Just the skin

You know, it's beautiful 

It's such a beautiful pattern

Not the tigritude or tigriness of the tiger

So, can we clone it…

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