We must be human

Be human.

For in that world where men have grown wiser than their maker,

And have cloned humanoids,

Who have pacemakers for a heart,

Mechano - receptors for alimentary canal,

Steric currents for consciences,

Oppressive wills for guts,

We must be…

Who's really an adult?

Now there's really nothing I would like so much than to cast all this conditionings, discipline and normations that formed me into the air and run free on the shore of life: casting off my shoes…

Letter to entitlement by Nwanna

A note to entitlement!
       Dearest entitlement, 
            I hope your present state of delusion is not too…

Bad pots by Ida Essien

 Bad pots, bad pots , 

Bad pots everywhere!

They have  quite a reputation 

The have patented and practiced a million recipes

They are all so well able to do 

For willing to make a statement of their prowess,

They have…

Mma should I let down my breast ?

My grandmother was endowed with a full bosom.Her breasts  were almost militant in their poise.The kind of breasts an undergrad classmate of mine would refer to as 'breastheses' : for she would argue that there are…

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