A tiger's skin without the tigritude : Ida

Oh but we only need the tiger skin

We do not need the tiger itself 

Just the skin

You know, it's beautiful 

It's such a beautiful pattern

Not the tigritude or tigriness of the tiger

So, can we clone it…

Our caretaker by Ida Essien

His head fell from his neck

As it was wont to do 

It fell  with a thud 

Smashing to pieces 

Our apothecaries fixed it 

They replanted it 

Forcefully on his neck

Soon, life came back to it

Our apothecaries rejoiced 

They marveled at their…

Agbalumo by Omeni Nwoke


Gem of the rain forest 


A name like romance

Rotound as only an African maid can be 

Crowned with a nipple as a tiara

Whose tangy milk  revives Africa

Your  luscious lips  leave a kiss experience 

Your seeds  are like the pleasure…

They raped us by Ida Essien

We finally got  to Katanga

Katanga , beautiful as only  darkness can be

We were still finding our bearing

And they  pounced on us

They raped us

In the full glare of on lookers

They raped us

There was none come to our rescue 


None to…

The woman I became by Ida Essien

I wasn't always this woman

 Life tempered me into her

Life vexed me 

It vexed all that was solid  within me 

It poured my person 

As liquid lava 

Liquid gold lava 

Cast in the most pristine mold 


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