A nightgown, a grievous burden by Ego Ideba

Finally , it was resumption day. I checked into the hostel as every other fourth year boarder . After the usual chatter and banter, we all had our baths and prepared to retire for the night. 

Most of my classmates kept quite a pre- bed routine: some did extensive facials, some powdered their privates, some made quite a ceremony of wearing their nightgowns, some others said their rosaries! 

While they were all about these, I stood at my bed corner, overrun by  fits of anxiety over the uproar that would greet  my night gown once I donned it.  Anyways , over the last should I or should i not , I lost all courage and slept in my wrapper! During  the next  four days,  I made several failed attempts at wearing the nightgown .Courage however came on the fifth night post resumption . 

" Ego  mehn ".Came  erupting from several bed corners.

" What are you wearing? A nightgown ".They answered themselves at the same time. 

" Ah, ah you have upgraded o "  said one  girl with  a perpetual abrasive demeanor.

" You Neanderthal man !  Said Teeth , so called  because it was believed she was cursed by her ancestors with dental anarchy  for an offense committed in a past lifetime. 

" Tell me something dry season, said rainy season " A girl nick named  Pure quipped.

I tried to brave it  but my armour  was not strong. I however managed to sleep in it that night .

On the second day ,  I wore it again thinking my classmates would have gotten used it by now. But no, a barrage of  derisive darts  still attended this  second night .

By the end of the week I had survived my classmates .

But, there was another problem . I  could not adjust to the new routine. I longed  for the nights i slept in whatever I came in .Grievous indeed, was the burden of this nightgown  on me.  Besides , I hated changes; whatever form they presented did not matter.

While my classmates  were congratulating themselves of  having rid me of my iconoclastic whims, I worked out a means of getting my life back !

Anyways,i should not  have bothered  too much .   Saturday came, and we were all out washing our  clothes. I washed the nightgown along with some other clothing.As dusk approached, I collected  all of my  clothing but could not find the nightgown. It was quite usual for one's clothing  to get mixed up with another student's. This is sorted out by making loud announcement in the dormitory with clear description of said garment.  

My secret joy at finding the  loss of the nightgown  was up to my head ,and no announcement was made. I celebrated  my  deliverance  that night  with a non rationed  helping of cornflakes in cold milk ! 

Some weeks  later,  some seniors made calls for students to come and claim their lost but recovered items. I stayed put on bed  sincerely not remembering any lost belonging . Then , it came.

" Ego, come down and claim your nightgown ". Came a thunder of voices . 

I only heard my name but not the other parts of the injunction. The urgency of  the call  made me appear in a flash. 

Lo ! It was the nightgown again. It seemed  it was determined to hound the life  out of me. Anyways,  I have been delivered from  its crutches and stay  delivered I would .

" It is not mine " I said with such boldness that  left my housemates unsure of what they knew.


That was the end of me and the nightgown !








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