An ode to Nigerian party jollof by 'Nwanna Okeke'

Party jollof( original Nigerian  jollof) 

I am here 

Bow down bitches!

I come smoking , and hot

you know , hot

My swag,

Is of seismic proportions 

I am the glamour 

That berths the  dock

Of many a lively party

I elevate the spirit of a party

I am every'party's  experience

Don't try me  o !

I am sheer perfection 

Of natures flavors and zing 

Patented and perfected 

Over the years

My  sultry tang 

Occasioned by a masterful blend

Of brew and broth

Carefully apportioned 

'Gets up to here' sometimes 

My aroma is sheer pomp 

Believe me 

I am very pageant

Come on, 

Give it up for me

Party jollof

For no other has been able 

To attain my fame and repute

Want to try ?

Whenever I appear

They all scamper 

To their various native holes

I always occupy my place

On a table of many contenders 

They can never 

Light a candle to me

Come on, give me my respect 

Forgive my  arrogance !




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