Bad pots by Ida Essien

 Bad pots, bad pots , 

Bad pots everywhere!

They have  quite a reputation 

The have patented and practiced a million recipes

They are all so well able to do 

For willing to make a statement of their prowess,

They have added a dash of generational wickedness 

To many an innocent dish 

Never  put anything past them

They have seasoned everything 

And now the water is cold but salty 

Quite salty actually 

They have boiled water

And I heard the taste

They  have served *akara* and lemon grass 

It seemed quite good on their palate

They  have given hunchback 

As a  delectable finish to many a rice dish

Many a beans seed  did not quite survive their wickedness 

As they stood  on the serving dish 

Eagerly poised to punch the buds

Out of my palate 

All on account of their dealings with these oppressors 

They have made egusi 

And despite their efforts 

The meat, vegetables , salt and water

Fought for their independence 

And successfully built their own independent colonies 

All in the same pot ! *Ewo* !

They have fried rainy season 

And served it with a topping  of harmattan 

They have fried plantain 

And my eyes beheld 

And prayed to be shut perpetually 

On account of the unsightly finish

My tastebuds also did a double take 

As they landed on them 

Praying me ,

to assign them a better fate 

They have mixed uda * and uziza*

Abomination !

The chilli has caused the hen to miscarry 

They have also mixed curry  and *ogbono*

And I died several times over

For , what heinous crime 

Will they not commit 

Against the soul of my tastebuds 

They have dealt so treacherously with the beef

And it mobilized its own army against my buds

Even the friendly fish and chicken

Had their woes to recount 

Bad pots , bad pots

Your judgement day quickly ripens 

The day you will pay 

For yours sins against the generation of my tastebuds 

Against the humanity of my tastebuds 

You rendered some homeless 

Many have shifted base to my stomach 

On account of your many assaults 

Many have embarked on journey to extinction

To the  land  of no return 

Bad pots , bad pots 

Your  judgement  will not be long








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