Cheap martyrdom by Ego Ideba

It wasn't love at first sight 

I wanted  to love you 

If that misfortune so happened

And we were married 

I would love you 

I would will myself to love you 

So I stepped out 

On nothing at all 

Tempting faith

I gave love  and devotion 

Devotion,  as honest as my soul 

Devotion as deep as my soul

I gave 

I never  asked to receive 

I just wanted us to work


But you gave love abridged 

Love  steeped in wiles , 

As only  you were capable 


The days you bought me secondhand roses

The holidays you gave me cheap male perfumes

The days we made up over your marinaded lies

You saw me as a helpless vassal 

Desperate for your altar call 

A willing substrate for  perpetual subjugation 

Oh , how you riled my person with your wiles 

Frayed by pain

Those nights, 

I hung my tears out to dry 


But I learned 

I  learned very fast 

And delivered myself 

Only with an alacrity an encounter with a raging fire would allow 

I delivered myself from such an unworthy martyrdom 


I woke up 

On time too 

Why would  I put my life on this stake? 

To be  cremated alive 

For such an unworthy cause

Cheap martyrdom will not become me !

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