Chiekwekwe, the story of a goat 6 — Ego Ideba

It was the practice for a goat to follow the bearer of its fodder from the gate — some smart goats actually ate fodder off the head of the bearer. Chiekwekwe dispensed with these attributes along time ago; he had the scantest patience for such herbivorous dramas— scarcely noticing nor smelling the fodder or its bearer. Chiekwekwe chewed cord only to plot the next intrigue. 
Mother was responsible for all these. She would share whatever snack she brought home with us and, a goat. Who does that ? Iweka, a male bitch , mother bought from Nkwo Igbo a few months after Chiekwekwe came , loved only his food and bones, and would usually let those snacks go to waste except on days he was weak enough to allow Chiekwekwe eat them . Iweka was like his name — perpetually belligerent, loving his own space and company. He rarely stayed out for more than a few minutes. He also had fewer needs . If you served him a meal he does not like , he simply ignored you, and waited for the next meal. This did not mean he was more civilized than other dogs we knew. Iweka would give himself a mud or sand bath within minutes of drying him after a bath, and quietly whimper to his kernel. There was absolutely no love lost between him and Chiekwekwe, who thought he was too proud and unconquerable —having subdued every other person in the house. They fought every now and then , Chiekwekwe instigating all fights. Iweka also enjoyed watching Nollywood movies with us , enjoying quietly, every thrill at such moments. Sadly, he met his untimely death enroute his kernel from one of those outings. Accessing our sitting room from the back of the house, ( where his kernel was situated) meant he had to pass through the food store , which  hosted rats sometimes. These vermin , we contained using poisoned crayfish placed strategically, to attract them. He died after eating from one of those posts( of rat poison). Coming into the sitting room to watch movies, was a privilege Chiekwekwe fought hard for, but never got despite his mastery of the door locks . Maybe if he worked just as hard at holding his bowel , he just might have won . Foolish animal! Mtcheew !

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