Letter to entitlement by Nwanna

A note to entitlement!
       Dearest entitlement, 
            I hope your present state of delusion is not too overwhelming? If so , 
It has become very pertinent that I pen you this missive.
Kindness is that fleeting divine moment when another takes your burden.
It is that lifetime when another bears you up: 
Being your eyes , ears , nose and legs.
It is a divine impulse.
I know you have been inundated with these moments (kindnesses).
You think they as common as the sand under your feet!
Good to be trampled upon!
Well, they are not common.
Kindness is gold.
Though it dots the streets, 
It is as expensive as the rarest gems!
This means : it is uncommonly common.
I hope you understand English in the morning !
And please ,kindness is not merchandise.
I have noticed you like to barter it :
Always for something better in return.
It is my acute desire that this missive finds you in good condition.
Disaffectionately  yours, 


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