Our caretaker by Ida Essien

His head fell from his neck

As it was wont to do 

It fell  with a thud 

Smashing to pieces 

Our apothecaries fixed it 

They replanted it 

Forcefully on his neck

Soon, life came back to it

Our apothecaries rejoiced 

They marveled at their ingenuity

They thought their  work

Was quite novel

My clan's men 

marveled too

At this creation 

They thought  he was 

A head better than everyone 

We must give him a position 

For he must lead us 

They reached an unanimous decision

Let's make him our caretaker

They said 

Our caretaker he must be

And he became our care taker

To answer for us 

Before the landlord 





Now he is our caretaker 

He  was a wonder to many initially 

Many were enthralled by his novelty

But soon,

Our caretaker began to emit fire 

It came in tiny sparks initially 

Then later 

As a hopeless conflagration 

He fought  with us tenants 

For the most trivial  disagreements 

He prescribed Frog jumps 

Tiger crawls

Horse skips 

All for us weary humans

What are we going to do ?






Picture credit : pinterest 



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