The story of Aghadion by Nwaghero Dubua

Agadadion was not a trained soldier.

He was just an ordinary man.

Content with being himself .

His desire to conquer his world  like the heroes he secretly admired was his undoing.

He knew he was not supposed to have the scantest ambition.

The world was content with his being content with himself.

They were content  with his being a commoner with the scantest ambition.

They were very content  with him being ordinary.

This awareness  had reined in many  a gallant desire.

But a spring surged  from the root of his soul.

Desiring only one thing.

To conquer planet earth.

For to  conquer ,had been the  will of  his soul.

So when an army   rose against the offsprings of humanity.

Anger erupted from him like a repressed lava quickly running out of patience with the confining mantle of a volcano 

He flung himself forward at them 

For the offspring of humanity had not been prepared for these times 

But Aghadion was !

That  day , the battle raged on ever so fiercely 

Aghadion mobilized help from an armory  inside of his soul

An armory he never knew existed until now

He fought on until the light of victory broke forth 

And  the enemy of man submitted at his feet 

And the enemy was beaten from small to nothing 

Then  he was crowed king  by the earthlings 

Who despised him .

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