They raped us by Ida Essien

We finally got  to Katanga

Katanga , beautiful as only  darkness can be

We were still finding our bearing

And they  pounced on us

They raped us

In the full glare of on lookers

They raped us

There was none come to our rescue 


None to run to our  need

Our situuation was hopeless 

We had our pain shut up in our bones 

We could not let it out 

The waters of our humanness was spilt 

So much of it 

We fainted 

we wondered at ourselves 

We wondered at our situation 

Why are we even alive?

They cut us 

In the  the full glare  of onlookers 

None came to our rescue 

They  denied us of our right to cry

Of our right to bleed 

To bleed from our cuts 

This right was mercilessly repressed 

Who will save us? 


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