The Masquerade is here by Nwaghero Dubua

The masquerade is here 

Omeni had scrubbed  for this surgery like other times and helped the main assistant to drape the patient  while waiting for  the  Masquerade to take  rein of the knife.

"Machete"  he called startling the scrub nurse who stood at the foot of the operating table.

 He made the first  cut sparking immediate bleeding as though the vessels had been waiting for that moment. While the first assistant reached for the scissors , Omeni delayed in applying a haemostatic mop. 

 A stubborn itch had landed on her scalp at that moment calling all of her concentration in an urgency that begged  life. She willed it to go away  but it will not backdown . It seemed it was holding her to a contest  whose high stakes were clearly against her. A quick flash  of the spine numbing pleasure which a scratch normally evokes  passed through her mind. At that moment, the itch saw a bargaining chip , albeit something more than that. It was the master now, and willed her to break the aseptic protocol , and apply her hand on her scalp. Gasping for breath  now she made to apply her  mop but she was late .

"Dr Omeni , are you here ?" The masquerade asked in a gesture of unbelief. Caught  in this helpless state , Omeni gave  quick rasped breaths as her answers. 

At this , he flew  into  a privileged rage .

"What is the meaning of this .Get out , get out , get out  "! he shouted at her .

The first assistant and scrub nurse feigned aloofness . The masquerade's tirade was not new to them.

"Sir, i am sorry ". She said now, finding her voice.

"I just had this thunderclap headache "

"Get out" he said  preventing her from saying more.

Head and shoulder drooping ,she left. It was good to get this type of dismissal,  problem  was ,  they left a  persistent sense of self  degradation that blighted whatever  freedom one enjoyed at such times.

Besides, she was tired of writing these apology letters and queries. It was no longer news that  her  file bore nothing good : boasting of contents like queries, suspension letters and  apology letters ! 

She was tired !

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